Wednesday, September 10, 2008

White Brite, or, How to Replicate a $400 Lamp

An old lamp bought at an estate sale for $1:

Filthy and chipped, but promising. Especially after the post we saw on designsponge about this $400 lamp:

Which, while lovely, is remarkably similar in concept to our $1 find. So I whipped out the white spray paint and turned ours into a gleamingly white, fashionable, and adorable testament to thriftyness:

I need to find a white shade for it, but even in an incomplete state our lamp is 50% cooler than the $400 one - the base lights up! Soooo neat, yeah?

So kids, remember: ultra designer-y design does not have to cost more than a $1! And that makes us extraordinarily happy!

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