Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fruit and Coffee Infused Liqueurs

There are few things in life more pleasant than a fancy drink. There are also few things so outrageously marked-up in price! So, we have taken it upon ourselves to perfect the art of homemade fancy-drinking. Step 1: Make your own liqueur.

The flavor possibilities are endless when you make your liqueurs yourself and, even better, you can use the cheapest base alcohol you can find. Flavor infusion will completely eradicate the nail polish taste of cheap liquor and when you put your creation in a fancy bottle like this, no one will ever suspect you paid $6 the stuff. Good-bye guilt-ridden trips to the liquor store!

This is our simplified fruit liqueur recipe that can be tweaked and manipulated to your hearts content!

Pick-Your Poison Fruit Liqueur

2 cups sugar
2 cups water
2 lbs fresh fruit - washed and chopped/sliced
3 cups liquor (the cheapest kind you can find, vodka, rum, gin all work fine)
optional: 1-3 tsp of vanilla, almond, mint, or your favorite extract

1. boil the sugar and water over medium heat until clear; stir often
2. put fruit in a large jar or bottle that can be tightly closed
3. pour sugar-water mixture over fruit
4. next add the vodka and the extract, if desired
5. tightly close the container and store in a cool, dark place.

Your liqueur will be ready whenever you are - wait three days for ok liqueur, or wait 2 or 3 months for the flavors to really meld. Once you feel you've waited long enough, you can strain the liqueur into a smaller bottle and save the soaked fruit to eat with ice cream (alcoholic deserts!). You can also feel free to leave everything in the container you aged it in for less hassle.

Here's another (even easier!) recipe for coffee liqueur. Ours is still aging, so no promises on taste, but it smells yummy.

Coffee Liqueur

2 cups hot coffee (use flavored coffee to make it even more exciting!)
1 1/4 cups sugar
2 cups cheap liquor
1 tbs vanilla extract

1. Mix the sugar and vanilla into the coffee so that the sugar melts; let the coffee cool
2. Pour the coffee mixture and liquor into a bottle, cap, and store away. Again, a few days will yield an ok product, but the longer you wait, the better the taste.

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