Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Austin's a great place to put this phrase into effect. These three actions can help you declutter your life, feel better about the world and take your eco-footprint from about a size 12 to a size 7. (And if you're at all questionable about the impact you have on the environment, take this quiz. The results will probably surprise you!)

Here's a list of our favorite shops around Austin that will help you make the step towards reducing, reusing and recycling!

Reduce: Donate! (And not just your crap!)

To us, this is most importantly about the haves and have nots. But it's also about you and your things. Do you own them, or do they own you? Do you still have a CD collection the size of a small music store, but are too nostalgic to part with them? If you find yourself developing a relationship with inanimate plastic objects, chances are it's time to part with them.

1.) Goodwill! With over 9 locations in Austin, Goodwill's a good place to gain independence from your things. Put it in a bag, drive it to a donation location and you'll be feeling a little more free and de-cluttered in no time.

Donations can also be given to: Savers, Treasure City Thrift, and pretty much any other local thrift store you can spot. But be sure to check in ahead of time, just to make sure.

Reuse: New things can bite me. Go Vintage or Used!

Who needs a new Ikea couch when you could have a plaid sofa with a skirt? Or a clawfoot loveseat with some history to it? Here are a couple of places that consistently have some beauties (sans stains and weird smells! we promise!)

1.) Room Service. This place has three locations in Austin. While the prices may be a little outside of the college budget, you can sometimes find some steals and deals. Here's a little sample of some of their items on sale right now.

Ooooooooooooooh Comfyyyyyyyyyyy.

2.) Blue Velvet - Some of you may have been here a couple of weeks ago for their $1.00 sale on the drag (a.k.a. dream come true day.) When I asked why they were doing it, the clerk simply said "We just wanted to do this for you guys." Not only are these people nice, but they now have a new location on North Loop Blvd right next to Epoch coffee shop. Now we can all immediately reward ourselves with some new kicks and threads after studying.

3.) Treasure City - Rad people, rad prices. Located on the East Side, it's a thrift store on a mission for positive change in the community. Feel good about shopping here, but feel better about donating here.

Recycle: Your trash is another's treasure!

1.) Buffalo Exchange: If you have a hard time giving up your things just for the sake of giving up your things, then here's a way to get something in return. This is the place where a sack of seventh grade tank tops could easily turn into a new pair of kicks. And good news! This place recently expanded (I'll never forget you, Yen-Ching.) so your chances of finding a new fav outfit here just doubled.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! It's about what you need and what you don't, and how you can turn a waste of space into somebody else's smiling face! : )

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